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Saturday 6:00 am - 2 pm
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Saturday 8 am - 2 pm
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Homer's Deli and Sweetheart Bakery are closed on Sunday

Sweetheart Bakery Breads & Buns

Sweetheart Bakery

White Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, 100% Whole Wheat Bread,
Rye Bread, Charlie's Rye Bread, White or Whole Wheat Snowflake, Hamburger Buns,
Hot Dog/Brat Buns, Parkerhouse, Cloverleaf Rolls, Finger Rolls, Butterrich, Hot Cross Buns

Can you smell our delicious breads and buns baking from where you are? Grandpa's recipes never fail us! Our homemade breads and buns are made with only the best ingredients to create the delicious addition to any sandwich, dinner, or even breakfast. We sell our breads by the loaf. Most are sliced, but our Charlie's Rye is made to slice or pull apart on your own. Sweetheart Bakery Bread and BunsOur hamburger and hot dog/brat buns are sold in a package of eight. Snowflake, parkerhouse, cloverleaf, finger, butterrich are all sold by the dozen. Some of these are seasonal so make sure to call and find out what is available. We have also purchased a Gluten Free bread to offer our customers with a gluten allergy. We keep it in our freezer but can get it when you want it.

Call us today to get your breads and buns ordered for a special occasion, or stop in to buy one off our shelves. (563) 242-4105

Sweetheart Bakery


Phone: (563) 242-4105
Email: info@sweetheartbakery.com
Clinton Iowa

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